Hair transformation

Hi all,

So I have always been naturally really blonde. Ever since I was 13 I have had my hair highlighted. I haven’t seen my natural colour since then, it is inevitable that it will have darkened since I was a kid.

I decided to go back to my (now) natural blonde, instead of the bleach blonde. Since moving out of my family home I did decide to go for the home box dye one weekend as I just fancied a change. In my transformation picture I can tell that I won’t be doing that again! It looked dreadful after months of it growing out.

Here is my transformation.

I went to the House of Dolls in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham and I loved it. Great salon! It also does nails and makeup. Had a free glass of Prosecco aswell which is always a bonus right? Check out their instagram page: myhouseof_dolls

I love the change and it looks so much more natural (as it is) let me know what you guys think. And any ideas you have… e.g what colours would look good, whether to get it cut?

Love ❤ A


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