Major Dislikes

Good day all,

Here is a list of things I dislike seeing as all of my blog posts so far have all been about things I love. It could end up being a long list.

Bad manners – This one is surely an obvious one and includes loads of different things. Such as eating with your mouth open, not holding the door open for someone, spitting… A whole range of things. Bad manners at the dinner table are the worst, especially if your on a date. They could be the most attractive, kindest person but if the have bad table manners that is a turn off straight away.


Friends that bail – I hate this and it always seems to happen to me. Friends that agree to do something and then either cancel or make up stupid excuses. This especially annoys me on nights out when they cancel last minute and I have pretty much already got ready.


Too much arrogance – Sometimes a bit of cockiness can be attractive, but when people obviously love themselves too much annoys me.


Being Selfish – I hate selfish people, I am the type of person that will go out of my way for others to do what they would like to do, and I hate it when they don’t return the favours. For example always going to your friends favourite restaurant and then when you want to go somewhere they just wont go.


Men that are overly forward – In todays culture with the use of apps like tinder, so many men think it is acceptable to basically degrade woman. Things like ‘hey want to fuck’ or ‘nice tits’ It really annoys me, and if they say it to me on tinder, they are instantly unmatched


Friends who bitch about you to others – The feeling of when you find out your friends have been bitching about you behind your back is the worst. Its betrayal.


Liars – I really don’t like it when people you know tell you lies rather than just saying what they think. This can be from the little things like saying you look good in something when you don’t, to moments where they use lies as excuses.


People who can’t talk correctly – Simple things like this really annoy me. It is mainly when people use the wrong tense of a word in a sentence. For example if the say took instead of taken.


Animal cruelty – People who harm animals are sick and should be seriously punished. You see in the news or on TV programs people who have left their pets in horrid states. Those people should have done to them what they do to the animal, have a taste of their own medicine.


People who leave the toilet lid up – I really dislike this, it just seems disgusting to leave the lid up. It really annoys me when people take a lovely selfie and then all you can see in the background is the loo seat up.



I hope you all have enjoyed my rant, there are probably a lot more to be added to my list!

Always A ❤



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