Pizza Loving

Hello All,

Pizza is my all time favourite food, I mean who doesn’t love pizza! Its doughy, cheesy goodness. I have decided to list a few of my favourite pizza resturants. You can never have enough pizza.

  • Pizza Express – The clue is in the name, they make a great pizza and are great value for money. I have always enjoyed a meal there, staff have always been friendly and they also do delicious puddings. What’s not to like?


  • Gustos – its not as well known as Pizza Express, but is one of my family’s all time favourite restaurants. It is more expensive, however you are paying for not just incredible food but also a lovely atmosphere. An ideal place for a romantic date or a family birthday celebration. They also do incredible cocktails so its an win win.


  • Dominos – Great for a night in. Always a good hangover cure. Normally a quick delivery time, with a vast amount of options. You can’t order a dominos with out ordering the cookies, they are amazing. Obviously this isn’t the most healthy option, but who cares when your having a pizza right?


  • Zizzi – I had a lovely pizza from Zizzi the other night. Good value for money, great taste and plenty of restaurants around the country. A nice Italian feel to the restaurant.


Delphino’s – This quaint pizza restaurant in Mayfair, London does amazing pizza. If you are sitting in a good place you can watch them making the pizza for you. Quite expensive, but definitely worth it.


Home Slice – This restaurant in Fitzrovia, London only sells pizza. You can order by the slice or have a whole pizza which is gigantic! no cutlery needed in this place, they don’t even own knives or forks. A trendy place with lovely pizza. Heres a lovely stranger tucking in to her pizza, to show you the size of them!



Quite frankly there are too many great pizza places to name them all, pretty much anywhere that does pizza I will enjoy. Let me know your favourite pizza places so that I can add them to my list 🙂

Until the next blog ❤ Abi ❤


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