Jewellery Essentials

Whether its to add sparkle and glam, or to be casual and cool, or if it is just for sentimental value. Everyone should wear jewellery.

Here are my current jewellery favourites.

I love watches at the moment, recently I was lucky enough to be given a Rolex for my 21st birthday, and since then I have been obsessed with watches. Watches can be very pricy, but are also a great investment.

This is my watch, I absolutely adore it, I love the rose gold dial with the roman numerals. (I had the dial changed to the roman numerals.) These watches are in the thousands. Now they can set you back quite a bit, but buying in auction or buying one second hand is a much better deal.

Michael Kors.jpg

Michael Kors is one of my favourite brands and their watches are very desirable. Michael Kors’s watches seem to range from around £100 up to around £400. I love this rose gold and tortoise shell style.

Olivia Burton.jpg

Olivia Burton is a new up and coming brand, I love their watches that range from around £80 to £150. They also range in different colours and straps which I love.

Necklaces are great, if you have read my previous blog on fashion tips you will already know my love of the layered look, and my favourite necklaces are from Tiffany. A lot of my necklaces have some sort of sentimental value and I tend to rarely take them off.

I was given this necklace for my 21st birthday, My mum had it made for me. Its a tennis racket as I am a huge lover of tennis. This has great sentimental value to me and I will keep this necklace probably for my life.

Everyone should know their birthstone, and have at least one item of jewellery with that birthstone. I am a Leo so my Birthstone is Peridot.


Here is the birthstone chart so that you can see what you birthstone is.

Always remember to wear what makes you feel comfortable. Always look for good bargains when it comes to pricey jewellery, and make sure when buying second hand designer jewellery that its not fake. If you are buying an expensive watch or something full of diamonds always make sure that your getting the real deal.

If you have any questions about jewellery, particularly diamonds (as I have a GIA diamond grading diploma) feel free to leave a comment, or look on my contact page to send me an email 🙂



One thought on “Jewellery Essentials

  1. I can’t agree more about your statement that everyone should wear jewellery, and the best kind is the ones with sentimental value. I am a jeweller so I might be just a tad bias, but still. And I love your watch!

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