My designer wish list

Hey there gals,

Here is my wish list of designer items, I’m sure I can manage to get at least one of these wish list items this year. A designer a day keeps the doctor away ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Cartier Love bangle.

cartierI Love these bangles, if I could I would have a stack of them! Either Rose gold or Yellow gold. As I work for a Jewellery Auctioneer Company I get to see loads of them, and I have just fallen in love with the Love range by Cartier!

Louis Vuitton Handbag (and matching purse)


I love them! I have wanted one since I can remember, maybe one day I can have one!

Coco Chanel L’eau de toilette


I have recently fallen in love with this scent, This may be the first item on my designer wish list that I will cave an buy as its not too expensive, but at the moment I have too many perfumes. This will probably be a birthday request.

Valentino Heels and matching bracelet


I want these so bad! I just think they are beautiful!

Monica Vinader Bracelet


I love these Monica Vinader friendship bracelets. I have one rose gold one already and I would love a stack of them. They come with all different colour threads and are ideal for stacking. They can also be engraved for that personal touch.

A Burberry scarf

_5680595These scarfs just look so cosy, and I love the print on them!

Dior Sunglasses

4107b6fe4d44cca0f5443455b3e0b3d3I used to hate sunglasses but now I am obsessed, and this style is a fave of mine.

Tiffany Key Necklaces


I think these necklaces are super adorable, from the small an simple ones to the diamond set ones. LOVE.

So there you go folks, my designer wish list. I am sure there are more items but these re my favourites at the moment, let me know what on your wish list, maybe you can make mine grow ๐Ÿ™‚

X Abi X


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