Top 5 Cocktails

Cocktail O’clock is most definitely many peoples favourite time of day! If like me you love a good cocktail, well here are my favourite five.

1. Mojito – I love this drink, the best part is that it tastes just as good as mocktail, so you can always have a non alcoholic mojito at the times you shouldn’t be drinking alcohol. So, whats in a mojito? It consists of White rum, Mint, soda water, lime juice and some sugar. If you haven’t tried one, you are missing out

Mojito 🙂

2. Sex on the beach – It may be an awkward drink to order at times due to the name, but I totally get why this is a well loved cocktail. I myself love a good Sex on the Beach from time to time (if you pardon the pun.) What is in a Sex on the Beach then? it contains Vodka, Cranberry juice, Peach schnapps and orange juice. This is my holiday cocktail of choice 🙂

Sex on the beach? Yes please

3. Appletini – This is a great drink for when you are out somewhere fancy, your dressed to impress and need a drink to go with! It consists of – vodka, apple schnapps and cointreau.


A martini of apples



4. White Russian – I love a white russian (again pardon the pun.) Its creamy and sweet, and tastes a tiny bit like a Baileys if you are a fan of that. Heres whats in it – coffee lequeur, vodka and cream.

Lovely White Russian

5. Kir Royale РThis is my go to cocktail. I have always loved Champagne. I learnt to love this drink from a young age (sounds worse than it is.) My mum used to always drink this drink, whenever we would go to hotels for Christmas, she would let me have some on Christmas day. It is made up of Champagne and Cr̬me de cassis.

Kir Royale


There you go, my five favourite cocktails. If you haven’t tried any of these but like all the ingredients in them, then give them a try!!

Happy reading and have a good happy hour next time your out.

Let me know your top 5 cocktails 🙂

Kisses A








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