Brace Face

Greeting friends,

Braces for many of us are childhood problems. However if you are like me and have you braces later on in life, I know the struggles. I had Six Month Smiles braces (for six months.) I couldn’t have braces when I was younger as I used to suck my thumb, and then I went to boarding school and it was all just forgotten about. For my 20th Birthday I asked for braces, odd birthday wish right! Just remember beauty is pain!

Here is what my teeth used to look like before braces.

Sorry its so blurry!



They wernt terrible, and not many people noticed that they were wonky, but I used to look at them everyday and dream about having straight teeth.

Here is what my teeth looked like the first day I got braces.

Call me Count Dracula



Scary right!! I came home and scared my mum half to death! She called me Dracula for 6 months. So if you have braces or are about to get braces here are somethings to know, and some tips to help.

1. Rubber bands, I was told to wear mine 24/7. Initially I was like no way! I look like a freak, I wont be wearing them when i’m on a night out or seeing friends. However, I thought about what the denstist said, and decided to wear them as much as possible (obviously you cant eat with them in or brush your teeth.) I am so glad that I listened because if I didn’t the process would have taken a lot longer than 6 months.

2. Brush, Brush, Brush – this may be obvious but you have to be really vigilant with brushing, otherwise you could end up with a white square where the brackets were.

3. Eating – eating with braces is tricky and disgusting, I always found it easier to eat on one side of my mouth. Always use a fork, tearing bite sized chunks is virtually impossible! Avoid all the things the destist tells you, because when it breaks it is painful! They say you cant have pizza, but if you are like me and live on the wonderful food, then just go for it, I did and it was fine, broke my brace once or twice, but hey, pizza is worth it.

4. Curry is a no! I love a good curry, but if you have clear braces it is not a wise move, I learnt this first hand after my braces went bright yellow. Not a good look. It stayed that way until I went back a good few weeks later for tightening.

5. Make sure you are happy with the end result. If it coming up to the days where the dentist says they are ready to come off, but you still think there are things slightly out of place then say. Dentists are willing to leave them on if that is what you want. If your paying all that money you should have them how you want them!


So after 6 months here is what my teeth looked like the day the braces were off!

What a result

So much better! The fact that the dentist gave me a teeth whitening kit as well is great! The one thing I will say is boy its weird eating again for the first time without braces. Now I have a retainer and metal wires behind my teeth that will stay there forever. Retainers are slightly annoying, but definitely worth it, you don’t want your teeth moving back.

Let me know if you have any questions that I haven’t tackled in this blog 🙂

Always ❤ A



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