10 January Must Haves

It is most definitely winter! January is the time of year to wrap up warm. It is also the time of year that everyone gets ill. I know this as I have had a virus and now have tonsillitis, oh the joys :(. Anyway here are my top 10 must haves to look good even if you don’t feel 100%.

  1. The perfect winter coat!


This is the coat I have, its from River Island and I love it! it keeps me nice and warm but its also great to wear big jumpers underneath and goes with everything!

2.  Gloves


I used to never really like wearing gloves, I found them annoying and preferred to just put my hands in my pockets to keep warm, but now I love them, they really keep the heat in and make you feel warmer throughout your body.

3. Lip Balm


Vaseline is always my favourite lip balm. I always put it on my lips before i go to bed to keep them moisturised. I also apply a very thin layer when I am wearing a matte lipstick. Sometimes matte lipsticks can really dry your lips out so I use this product as a lip primer.

4.  Scarf


I love this scarf, I wear it everyday. Its from Accessorize and I have had it for years! Checked scarfs have been the trend for a while now, Accessorize always have loads of choice and its great value!

5.  Thigh High boots


Thigh High boots are the biggest trend at the moment and for sure my favourite trend. I love them so much I have 3 pairs. Everywhere sells them and they go great with everything. Quick tip – In the winter when its very cold, i wear nice cosy winter socks with them so my feet are toasty and warm no matter the weather!

6.  A winter lipstick


My friend recently got me loving this shade, Whirl by Mac. Its a great colour for the winter and Mac lipsticks are always great to wear. I love experimenting with lipstick colours, but for day to day this is great, its darker than my natural lips, with a slight brown tinge and I am now obsessed. (So thank you to my best friend for this one)

7. Beanie days


I have to confess I’m not much of a hat wearer, mainly because I have my hair in ponytails a lot!! However these beanies are definitely all the rage at the moment and I totally get why. It may be a myth that we loose 45% of our body heat from our heads, but these beanies are definitely going to keep you warm regardless!

8. Turtle neck jumpers

tutle neck.jpg

Yaaasss, I love turtle neck jumpers! They are great. You can wear them for casual wear or smart wear and that is why I love them. I love being able to be comfy at work and still look smart.

9.   Thermos Flask


This is one quick way to warm yourself up on the journey to work. This flask is from Primark. Im a sucker for rose gold at them moment! Hot tea or coffee, that stays warm for an hour, yes please!

10   Green Tea

green tea.png


Another shout out to my friend for this one! I love it. I had to pick something to put in the flask from number 9. The benefits of green tea are amazing. If you are thinking ‘New year New me,’ well get your new year off to a good start with green tea, its super healthy, helps speed your metabolism and has many other health benefits such as killing bacteria and lowering risks of infections.


Here we go Abi’s Top 10 January musts…

Feel free to leave comments of your top 10 musts, or if you love any of these as much as i do 🙂

X love X


5 thoughts on “10 January Must Haves

  1. I absolutely love those boots.

    My top 10 musts:
    -My coffee cup
    -Eos lip balm
    -Tony Moly face cleanser
    -my phone lol
    -Modern Renaissance palette
    -Yoga time
    – Drop dead diva (an amazing show)
    -my comfy flats
    -oreos and milk
    -a comfy sweater

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