Me, Myself and I

New Year, new idea…

My friend has recently inspired me to start blogging, so as its a new year here we go, blog number 1. In this blog I just wanted to write about myself and what blogs to expect from me. Like everyone who blogs I want to write about things I love. To me this is fashion, food, jewellery, tennis and much more. I want to share my opinions on day to day life, and I want to review brands and products that I love or that I dislike.

So why read my blog? my blogs will be mainly fashion focused, relatable, helpful and fun 🙂

ME ft snapchat filter

Yes, this is me, normally known as Abi. I am 21 years of age. Fun fact, some call me the selfie queen. I love a selfie! A lot of people talk about how taking selfies is vain, but i think its your way of showing the world you love who you are. I also love to share my selfies because I love showcasing my makeup. Im no pro, but i love to experiment and it is a huge passion of mine – so of course I will be doing lots of makeup blogs.

I also have a huge love for jewellery, I mean what girl doesn’t! I have been brought up to understand and love jewellery as both my parents have been in the industry, and I have followed in their footsteps. I currently work for a Jewellery Auctioneer Company in Birmingham. Blogs about jewellery are a must!


I hope you enjoy reading my blogs! feel free to leave any comments, or any ideas you want me to write about. I will be posting about anything and everything, thats the idea of blogging right? If you want to know more about me again you can leave a comment, or follow my Instagram for my many selfies!!!           abi_rosenberg

Whats the next blog going to be?  My daily Makeup routine…. Coming soon

Until the next post my friends 🙂


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